Things I do

  • Consultant focusing on React, GraphQL and Local-first
  • Workshop Instructor covering React, Yjs, Automerge & GraphQL
  • Producing Video Course at

Open Source Products

  • Automerge Jumpstart — A comprehensive boilerplate for building real-time collaborative editing applications with Automerge, React, tRPC, and more.

Open Source

  • react-yjs — Yjs bindings for React
  • Opaque — Secure password based client-server authentication without the server ever obtaining knowledge of the password in Typescript.
  • react-native-libsodium — React Native bindings to Libsodium matching the libsodium-wrappers package API
  • DraftJS Plugins — React Plugin Architecture for Draft.js including Slack-Like Emojis, FB-Like Mentions and Stickers
  • Polished — A lightweight toolset for writing styles in JavaScript
  • Serverless Framework — Build web, mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda

Community Work

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